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By Hutchings Garden Services, Aug 18 2015 12:15PM

August is the time to enjoy your garden. Although there are still plenty of jobs to do on these long summer days.

The grass can start to look a bit tired this time of year so maybe mow less regulary (every other week ) and also raise the level of the cut so not to put the grass under so much stress. Water the grass regulary; it enables the grass to cope with the heat and periods of dry weather.

Weeds will always grow when everything else stops, so keep them under control by using a hoe, little and often should deter them.

Keep dead heading annuals to keep the colour flowing in the garden. This process involves first nipping or pinching out flowers as they start to fade. Also, adding a fertilizer high in potassium will help the plant to continue to flower for longer.

If you need to fill in any gaps in your borders you can add plants such as Rudbeckia, Agapanpthus or Dahlias. You can also place a potted plant in the border to give a instant splash of colour.

Remember to take time to sit back and admire your garden but if you spend long periods of time there, keep up with the suncream and enjoy.

By Hutchings Garden Services, Jul 31 2015 11:56PM

More and more people are making the most of their garden space. You don't have to be green fingered to make the most of being outdoors.

You don't need acres of land, even if you only have a postage stamp size garden or a courtyard, it is much better to have it close to the house to carry food and drinks to and you don't want to be walking through damp grass to get to it, it also gives impression of a extension of your indoor living area.

From a design persepective it's important to have a theme, you could choose a country somewhere you have travelled to. Morocco is a great theme for example, with its rich reds, orange and gold colours to give a feeling of warmth.

You can buy some amazing waterproof scatter cushions, add morrocan lamps, a moroccan mosaic coffee table, so you can make good use of the outside living area in the evening and extend months add a patio heater, chimea or a firepit.

Make sure you add lots of solar lights for the Arabian night stars..!

Another country is Italy, a country full of history of the great Roman empire, I visited some beautiful gardens in the grounds of a monastery and it was stunning with views of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It had lemon trees, with the largest juiciest lemons, olive trees, fig trees and the most unusually eye catching plants.

To create a Italian theme include some roman syle planters, some edible plants and pots of scented herbs. You could add some outdoor canvas waterproof pictures of the sea and not forgetting the all important love of food add a pizza oven.

My personal favourite is the Great British seaside you can gather allsorts of nautical items from your travels arround the UK, why not add some old fasioned seaside wooden deckchairs which have recently made a comeback. Introduce a sunshade in the form of a bright coloured contemporary sail shape triangular shade. Some driftwood sculptures maybe.

The possibilities are endless and with a good imagination you could create a usuable out living area that could transport you anywhere.

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